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For military and commercial vessels there are requirements which need to be met day in day out. Whether it is robustness to maximise availability and operational performance; speed requirements for rescue and interception or light displacement to give increased payload capability or improved fuel economy; SMC ITALIA has the knowledge and experience to engineer a suitable cost-effective solution.

SMC ITALIA Composite Engineering’s track record for military and commercial vessels demonstrates successful structural engineering for a diverse fleet of vessels.

Working with Department of Industrial Engineering at University of Naples FEDERICO II, SMC ITALIA Composite Engineering has carried out structural engineering for the global structure of vessels as well as detailed design to suit particular equipment or operational characteristics.

We take pride in supplying the appropriate level of cost effective engineering, in a timely and conscientious manner, building on high level of communication with our clients to ensure a successful project.

SMC ITALIA provides an appropriate level of involvement to suit the project needs & budget, ranging from basic advice & design sketches, through to concept studies to full engineering design, 3D CAD, FEA & construction drawings.

Emphasising high quality, use of latest and most efficient design and analysis tools, SMC ITALIA works for owners, owner reps and designers, building yards and operators.


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