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Composite materials offer nearly unlimited freedom of design, allowing exploration of innovative design concepts for many productsSMC ITALIA provides the critical communication necessary to start clients down the path to the full benefits of composite design and construction such as free-form shapes and monocoque structures.

Designers utilize a variety of industry standard design techniques from hand sketches to complete photo realistic 3D renderings to convey composite design concepts to clients. Covering every aspect of design SMC ITALIA offers: conceptual design, drafting, rendering, digitizing and optimization services for applications constructed from composite materials. We use common 2D and 3D software to meet our customers’ needs.


As with design, composite materials offer novel approaches to structural engineering. Composite engineering is not widely taught at universities, hence it is difficult for many engineers to take advantage of the benefits of composite materials. Smart, efficient engineering can dramatically increase the value that composites bring to product development. Smc italia engineers have expertise in diverse industries and truly understand performance requirements of composite products, whether it is structural, thermal, fire or cosmetic performance.

Engineering Composite Materials

We deliver a complete set of engineering services including structural, thermal and process analysis for composite structures based on geometry provided by clients or created by Smc italia. Our expertise is unique due to extensive composite moulding experience, resulting in designs that balance structural efficiency with ease of manufacturing. Our engineers utilize state of the art tools for analysis including 3D CAD, composites analysis, finite element analysis, flow simulation and even proprietary software developed within Smc italia.


Completing the design on paper or in the computer is only one step in the process of getting products to market. Efficient manufacturing must be utilized to maintain a competitive edge. Smc italia utilizes process specialists throughout the world to manage projects and resources, developing manufacturing strategy, material requirements, work instructions and factory setup for our customers’ specific needs.

Process Support by Smc Italia

Our process specialists have many thousands of hours of composite manufacturing experience, ensuring practical manufacturing solutions. Process Consulting includes development, training and implementation of composite manufacturing processes for specific composite parts or an entire factory based on standard composite manufacturing methods. We have expert knowledge in areas such as contact moulding, vacuum infusion and RTM-light.


Knowledge and competence are key assets in any industry. Within composites, these talents can be hard to come by. Smc italia offers a complete training package ensuring that customers can continuously improve their products and grow their business. The training package includes topics like: composite design, engineering, manufacturing, vacuum infusion, RTM-light and repair.

Training by Smc Italia

Training seminars and on-site training courses are available from basic to advanced and are suitable for shop floor workers as well as development engineers and designers. In addition to custom training courses, seminars are run regularly throughout the year on five continents, so there is likely a course available close to you.


Design and engineering is only as good as the input data, and composite material properties are not readily available in a handbook. Unlike other materials, material properties for composites develop as the part is being constructed and are highly dependent on the manufacturing process.

Testing by Smc Italia

Smc italia maintains an extensive database of composite material properties and new materials are continuously tested. This enables customers to understand the performance and failure modes of composites. By sharing this expertise, our clients can further enhance the performance of their products and save valuable time and cost. Our capabilities include analytical, mechanical, fire, process, thermal and acoustic testing for composite materials and systems according to standard test methods, such as ISO and ASTM. We use both internal test equipment and third party laboratories to deliver the most appropriate solutions to our customers.


Molds for fabricating composite structures are critical to their ultimate quality. The molds and tools must be designed properly to withstand the sometimes harsh environment of the molding process in order to ensure part quality and production longevity. In most cases, the molds for fabricating composite structures are composite structures in their own right.

Tooling Support by Smc Italia

Smc italia offers a comprehensive tooling design service and has a broad network of well trusted manufacturers that assist our customers in implementing production of composite parts. We can assist with everything from creating master patterns to mould construction and break-in. Smc italia can also make the first prototypes at on site facilities prior to production.


Smc italia has a strong knowledge of equipment and raw materials used in composite fabrication. We understand different methods of manufacture and technology used to make composite parts. We offer advice and support to the following areas.

Materiales and equipment support by Smc Italia

Equipment: Mobile and fixed machinery, plant and equipment used in composite manufacturing.

We can help you tailor a package that can grow with your development.

Consumables:  Sacrificial or temporary materials used in the aid of manufactured composite parts.

Sourcing cost effective and often reusable products increases your efficiency.

Raw Materials:  The materials used in combination to fabricate your composite part.

Improve your work place health and safety while combining the correct matrix of materials and improve your products finish.

Systems: The overall combination of raw materials plant and equipment combined to produce the final products.

Selecting the correct manufacturing process, coupled to the correct plant, equipment and raw materials will give you the overall advantage.


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