SEABUS-P6500 is a fast passenger catamaran with two diesel engines and hydraulic RV gearboxes designed for coastal navigation.

When designing the vessel, the maximum passenger capacity was not the feature that was pursued. The focus has been on comfortable and safe spaces. The SEABUS-P650 salon seats 90 passengers comfortable on deck seats.
There are also seating on the sun deck. If necessary, the boat can be designed to meet the needs of larger passenger capacity.


As an unobstructed space, the SEABUS-P650 Salon is also accessible for the disabled. The boat is reached from a hydraulically movable stern ramp, and there is enough space for moving with the wheelchair in entire cabin area, including an accessible toilet. There is also a shower within the toilet. There are two separate places for passengers with wheelchairs at the front of the cabin.

The passenger can leave the bags in the designed storage area in the hull. On the cross-deck, there is a bar counter that makes it possible to serve snacks and drinks to passengers.

The wheelhouse has excellent visibility, which makes it especially easy to go ashore. Cameras can be used to follow events at the back deck and the engine room.

During the cold seasons, the SEABUS-P650 can be closed remaining warm and well protected inside.

In addition to the motors’ own chargers and the ground-based power supply, electricity is supplied by a separate 230-volt diesel generator.

Fire safety is provided by a fixed fire extinguishing system in engine room and tank room. Also, a fire pump and two fire hydrants with a hose in the hulls and deck area.

General Specifications
Length ISO 8666 (Lh) 19.70 m
Beam overall (BOA) 9.80 m
Draught (T) 1.65 m
Maximum speed 18 kts
Cruising radius 900 Nm
Load displacement 25320 Kg
Main engine 2x160 kW
Fuel tank capacity 2x800 Lt
Fresh water tank capacity 2x2000 Lt
Naval Architect Shipyard technical office with the advice of University of Naples Federico II

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