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The architecture community is experiencing substantial growth in the understanding and use of composites. Composites offer architects and designers performance and value in large-scale projects and their use is increasing in commercial and residential buildings.

Carbon fibre was once seen as simply a structural additive. Now it is part of the architectural language, allowing for freedom of shape and previously unheard of lightness.

Advantages sought in Architectural application using advanced composites are:

  • Light weight for seismic resistance, transport and installation
  • Durability, sustainability, low maintenance over lifetime
  • Inherently good thermal and acoustic insulation properties
  • Vandalism resistance
  • Faster and lower cost installation


SMC ITALIA can support if you are looking for some of these features in your project. We offer FRP engineering to architects, consultants and main contractors for feasibility studies, as well as to composite fabricators for detail design and analysis.


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