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SMC ITALIA is a well-regarded Italian Limited Company primarily engaged in the automotive, industrial and marine industries as a provider of a full range of services: from concept to design, engineering and manufacturing of prototypes, models, moulds, structural parts for high performance boats.
SMC ITALIA also operates in other industries, including Aerospace, Healthcare and Architecture.

The development of innovative products is the defining strength of the Company and is enabled by the unique understanding of composite materials, structural design and materials processing.
Constantly evolving, SMC ITALIA continues to move forward into varied markets where its expertise on hybrid carbon fiber composites technology sets the standard for innovation.

SMC ITALIA’s philosophy has always been centered on creativity, innovation, and quality.
The primary target is to work together with the Clients and share experiences in order to learn, build and grow together. Process innovation, quality, attention to customers’ needs, constant pursuit of perfection: these are just a few things we constantly set as our primary targets.

At SMC ITALIA the customers’ ideas become facts.

Massimo Tranfaglia


Each of these words is carefully chosen and encompasses a bigger message:

DELIVERING: The term implies that we are a highly professional company that delivers what we promise, both in terms of material supply and technology solutions. Each and every one at SMC ITALIA contributes to our overall performance as a Group.

THE FUTURE: We want to go beyond what is standard today. Therefore, we want to reduce the entry barriers to the use of composites. Innovation and the conversion of existing markets from traditional materials to composites as well as the creation and penetration of emerging new composite applications and markets are key drivers for SMC ITALIA.

COMPOSITE: This is our core business and summarises the material offering and the technology which we want to master to its full extent.

SOLUTIONS: Our offering extends beyond the supply and manufacture of composite materials. We are also specialists in providing complete solutions including materials, engineering, tooling, materials kitting and component production for every new high performance implementation.

Create innovative hi-tech composite solutions and continually improve the world of our stakeholders, our employees, customers and communities.



SMC ITALIA (Salerno Materiali Compositi srl) is an italian limited Company – based in the Industrial Area of Cicerale, Campania– specialized in the production of high performance composites parts.

Founded in 2004, SMC ITALIA started immediately using most advanced composite materials and high production technologies applied to the nautical sector.
Thanks to the great experience acquired working as partner of top-level offshore powerboat racing teams, SMC ITALIA has been able to quickly develop in the neighbouring sectors where high performing composites (concerning Light Weight, High Strength, Corrosion Resistance, High-Impact Strength, Radar Transparent etc.) are required.

For these reasons, SMC ITALIA gained soon the thrust of OEMs of the target markets, creating composite panels and structural parts for several international clients.
Since 2010 is also engaged in other sectors like automotive, motorsports, military, industrial, musical, aerospace and healthcare.

SMC ITALIA is now able to provide support for a full range of services: from concept to design, engineering and manufacturing of prototypes, models, moulds, structural parts and multi-hulls.


More sustainable materials for the Future of Composites

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Four values define and guide the SMC ITALIA’s business activities and the decisions it makes every day.


We are committed to achieving and maintaining high operating standards through technical expertise and management skill in order to be efficient and effective at the international level. Our added value lies in constantly providing high quality products and customized services for each market we serve.


We aim for sustainable development, which means attaining excellent operating results while safeguarding the environment and improving the quality of life for present and future generations.


We believe in the importance of innovation in the development of new products, services and applications. In all of our businesses, we take an entrepreneurial approach, foreseeing and adapting to change by welcoming innovative ideas and attracting new talent.


SMC ITALIA pays great attention to accident prevention in its everyday activities. Its main objective is the continual improvement of safety conditions in the workplace. Although total safety – the complete absence of hazards – is virtually impossible to achieve, SMC ITALIA constantly works toward exceeding national and international safety standards in order to reduce harmful events to a minimum and improve the overall quality of life of its workers and the community.

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